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BYC volunteers Andre and Grace interviewing people at the Equality 4U event

Video Transcript

Andre: Who are you?

Zain: My name’s Zain Awan. It’s spelt Z – A – I – N  A – W – A – N. So, my name’s Zane Awan, I’m a trustee at British Youth Council.

A: What do you think of the event so far?

Z: I think the event’s been really good so far, had some really good discussions. Um, and, I think. I’ve been facilitating a session around Black youth activism, a lot of young people from Black and non-Black backgrounds have benefited so far

A: Do you think today had helped you in any way?

Z: Today’s helped me in realising how many young people have actually suffered from discrimination. And actually there are some real horror cases – just within our first discussion today I was listening to some young people tell about their own ordeals, and kind’ve the discrimination they face on a daily basis.

A: Was this a good place to show-case the program?

Z: Um, the place is really good because it’s a good contrast. I mean, it’s always good to move around location because then it shows that more people can access the event.

A: Would you come to the event again?

Z: Obviously, I have to come to these events, but yeah, definitely, I would.

A: How long would you boil a cabbage?

Z: How long would I boil a cabbage? I would boil a cabbage…I don’t boil cabbage! I mean, look at me, I don’t eat cabbage.


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