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The London Mayoral Elections are happening on the 3rd of May. I’ve been asked, by friends and family, for information about candidates. It made me think that maybe other young people want this information too. So, over the next couple of weeks I’ll do a series of posts on all of the major candidates.

What people want is unbiased information. I can’t give you that, I don’t think anyone can. Whatever I write, even if it’s just facts, gets affected by how I think. But I’ll try to make it clear what’s fact and what’s not, add links to other people’s opinions, and links to where I get my information from.

Click through for information on Conservative Boris Johnson

OK. I’ll start with what the candidates themselves say they’ll do if elected.

So, Johnson has promised[1] to…

–          Cut waste at City Hall

–          Freeze the mayoral share of council tax

–          Create 20,000 new jobs (This figure includes short-term jobs during the Olympics)

–          Put 1,000 new police on the beat

–          Restore 300 acres of green space, plant 20,000 new trees.

–          Invest £221 million in high streets to support local businesses

–          Ensure a true Olympic legacy (11,000 new homes, 10,000 new jobs)

–          Reduce tube delays by 30% by 2015, by building Crossrail and orbital rail to connect the suburbs, and extending the bike-hire scheme.

–          Secure the best deal for London from the government, because of his relationship with the David Cameron and the Conservatives.

I don’t think we can judge politicians just on what they say. So, where possible, I’m going to add some information about what they’ve done before when they were in power.

Johnson as Mayor 2008 to 2012…

–          Increased tube and bus fares throughout London (5.6% this year alone) [2]

–          Increased funding to Rape Crisis Centres in 2010, after he’d been mayor for two years, in response to a grassroots campaign and pressure from the London Assembly. [3]

–          Put in place the “Barclays Bikes” for hire in central London to encourage cycling.

–          Banned alcohol on the public transport.[4]  (If people have to finish their drinks before getting on, won’t they be more drunk on the train? Am I missing something here?)

–          Reintroduced the routemaster buses. They’re supposed to be very green. But, they were expensive (more than 7 times more expensive than a standard double-decker). [5] Personally, I’m sure there were cheaper options for green busses.

–          Scrapped the Western extension of the congestion charging zone, and scrapped the low emissions zone.[6]

Overall… (Yes, this bit’s my own opinion)


Boris Johnson is a part of the Tory party that have implemented cuts to youth services, removed EMA, and tripled tuition fees. Although he does sometimes criticised the party’s leadership, he has never seriously opposed them. He intends to increase transport fares so that he can cut taxes, which would put money back into taxpayers pockets. As mayor he has tried to get young people back into work by creating apprenticeships. However, I have not heard any clear plans from him to tackle knife or gun crime among young people, or to support youth work, or to create new jobs after the Olympics.

Next post – Labour candidate Ken Livingstone. Hopefully up in the next few days.


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