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The British Youth Council works to improve youth voice in politics by empowering young people to have a say and be heard, locally, nationally, and internationally.

So, we work with local Youth Councils and the UK Youth Parliament to allow young people to express their views through elected representatives. We also campaign on issues important to young people. Right now our priority campaigns, as chosen by young people, are “Save our services” (reducing the impact of cuts on youth services) “Lower the voting age to 16” (for local, national and European elections), “Support greater youth participation in charities” (encouraging charities that work with young people include young people in their decision making process) and “Ensure fair funding of higher education” (campaigning for an education system free at the point of entry funded by progressive taxation).

We also run volunteering programmes and offer training sessions to help young people learn the skills they need to make their voices heard.

In this blog, we’ll be posting about our work, young people and politics.


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